“Coding”- By Elliot King

Coding makes me joyful

Especially when I’m bored

And without only white showing

I feel like I’ve scored.

My favorite language is java

It’s good for making games.

I usually make them 2d

Because 3d takes some brains.

I use this language a lot

Mostly after school.

Although fairly simple

It has quite a few rules.

I know a few others.

I’m learning C plus plus.

A one I know a little better

Is called CSS.

This is used to decorate HTML

As HTML would be boring

But CSS has many properties

And I am still exploring.

HTML is for designing webpages

Along with JavaScript.

Despite all these languages

Swift is the one I missed.

Coding makes me happy

Almost every time I do.

Now I make tutorials

To help others too.


My little brother, Elliot, has a coding channel on YouTube that is pretty cool! For those of you who you are interested in coding, his channel is called, “Elliot the Tech Guy”. If you want to check it out,  click here!


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