Painted Faces

Painted Faces, all I see

Painted Faces, not meant to be.

Farewell true self

Come someone else

Masks for different days.

Safely hidden feelings

Compliments without meaning

Now friends with all ways.

If in the World’s complexion, this is all I see

Then Painted Faces were not meant to be.


I wrote this poem, Painted Faces, to address an issue I see in society: The Painted Face. This is those who put on a mask for separate groups of people, those who change personalities to fit what everyone else wants. This is someone who morphs into the person that they are told to be. They are completely different at school than at church. Their goal is to impress others. I don’t want to have a Painted Face. I don’t want to alter who I am because I want to fit in. This poem serves as a reminder of that. Stay true to yourself. Live a raw life, one that is open and honest. Because behind that painted wall, there’s the real you.


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