Vanishing Act

All my work is vanished into flames My best is not good enough. All my drive is lost at sea My motivation isn't that tough. But Your strength is my propellant,  Your goodness knows no bounds.  Your relentless love is my motivation,  Oh how different, the before and the now.



It was a time of pandemonium in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and I, Ariana the valiant, daughter of Charles the honorable, was stranded amidst it. Awaiting us at our domicile in America were Charles’s two other sons, Elias and Calean. It was at that time that a message reached my ears: “Attention all citizens. … Continue reading Valiant


The flowers burst open in declaration The rocks crack until they break. The trees bow down in adoration  The whitewash dances like snowflakes. It's all in awe of Your wondrous glory It's all for You and You alone. I agree with nature that Your story And love for us, is worth all I own.


Sometimes I can feel like giving up Sometimes I feel shaken Sometimes I can feel it's a half empty cup Sometimes I feel broken. And You are there every time And You hold my hand And You assure me I'll be fine And You carry me to dry land.